Audit & Assurance

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Our sister firm, Ribran and Associates Offer Audit and Assurance services to a wide range of services including: Manufacturing, Agricultural, Professional, Commercial, Financial Institutions i.e. SACCOs, Government agencies, Donor funded organizations etc.

The audit approach of the firm is deep and thorough verification of the accounting records provided by the client. It’s developed its own Audit Manual following the accounting standards adopted by The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya. The audit manual states the style, steps and approach to the audit. Major Key and control areas have been prescribed in the firms’ audit manual, which the whole audit team has to follow.

The firm has trained, experienced and qualified personnel who carry out the audit of corporate and non-corporate organizations. The firm has also prepared various formats which would help the accountants to verify and cross-check the accounts and figures which ultimately reduces the chances of making mistakes and by following the same strategy increases the accuracy of accounting records over a period.

The firm’s audit team is very hard working, having thorough and deep accounting knowledge and always being updated for all the new amendments in the International Accounting Standards and Standard Auditing Practices. The firm has considerable experience and expertise in the statutory audit, Interim audit, Concurrent audit, Systems audit, International client reporting and Special Investigation audit.

Our Fees on Audit & Assurance depends on the time spent on the assignment & it’s negotiable.

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